About Stacey & Scenic Life Designs

Stacey Nerdin Scenic Life Designs on etsy

Stacey Nerdin Scenic Life Designs on etsy

Scenic Life Designs was launched on Etsy in May 2016. It began as a way for me to figure out “What’s next?” after more than 10 years in social media as a blogger, conference speaker, freelance writer and consultant. While my passion for that industry had definitely faded, I still needed a creative outlet where I could pour snippets of life – books, music, theater, encouraging quotes, random bits of everyday lovely – that inspire me (and would hopefully inspire others, too!).

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I say that Scenic Life Designs is about wearing your heart on your jewelry. My hope is always to produce products that help people express themselves – who they are, what they believe, or even just what amuses or entertains them. I also love creating custom pieces for people to share their story or claim their tribe – parents, grandparents, friends, or significant others; church groups, weddings, reunions, or school groups and sports teams. It’s a special thing to bring someone’s unique vision to life.

What’s the plan for 2019? Continue to build Scenic Life Designs on Etsy, find more opportunities to sell at local fairs and markets, and launch into teaching or tutorial videos for people wanting to learn about hand stamped jewelry. Here’s to a full and rewarding year ahead!

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