One thing I did not expect in opening an online shop was how quickly each product would write its own "story." 

Sometimes the story is about how a piece comes to be, the inspiration or creative process in figuring out how to get it just right.

Sometimes the story is about the customer who buys it. Who are they giving it to? What meaning does this piece have to them? And what happens once they give, recieve, or wear it?

Here's a fun story behind my Hamilton inspired “rise up” necklace...

The "rise up" necklace was the first piece from the Hamilton musical I added to Scenic Life Designs. Most people buy it as a fan of the show, but just before Election Day 2016, a customer messaged me with an urgent plea: could I get this necklace made and shipped to her by November 6?

Her intention was to wear it while she voted, making her own silent statement to the people around her (and Washington DC, from a distance).

Happily, I was able to get the necklace to her in time, and she wrote to me later, thanking me for the rush and telling me about her Election Day experience. She explained that she had taken the pendant off the chain, added it to a beaded chain of her own made in suffragette purple, and wore it proudly. 

Her daughter saw and loved the piece, and managed to claim it. So this customer ordered a second necklace, so she and her daughter would have a matching pair.

This fun and unexpected story has breathed life into this necklace for me, and it's a special experience to be connected with customers in such a unique way.